Concert FAQs

Q. I don’t know much about classical music. What should I listen for?

A. There are several good ways to listen to classical music. It should sound familiar to listeners of rock, pop and jazz because the harmonies in classical music have the same chords as these more familiar types of music. Sometimes classical music is written to represent real things like a summer storm, but most of time it is better to be aware of how the music makes you feel instead looking for precise things you recognize. Is the music slow and sad? Does it make you want to dance? Another way to enjoy classical music is to listen for the sounds of particular instruments you like, such as the deep, evocative sounds of the cello. The worst thing you can do when first hearing a piece of classical music is to let someone else’s ideas affect how you feel and react to it.

Q. When should I applaud?

A. There are no set rules for this, though it is customary to clap at the end of the entire piece of music, as opposed to after each movement. This is to help the music flow smoothly or to set the scene for the following movement. Your program will usually show you how many movements there are. At Two Rivers Chamber Orchestra concerts watch the conductor, who will usually provide a signal that the piece has ended. If you are really unsure then the best plan is to wait for others to start. And if you’re the only one clapping, don’t worry about it— we love it when our audience expresses their delight at our performance.

Q: What time should I arrive for the performance?

A: Unless you use the shuttle bus from the Bavarian Inn parking lot, plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the concert to find parking and to get to your seat.

Q: What happens if I arrive late?

A: Those arriving late will be escorted to their seats by at a natural break in the music, usually at the end of the piece that is being performed.

Q: How long are the concerts?

A: Our concerts last between 1 ½ and 2 hours, with a 20-minute intermission. The concerts are designed to provide an exciting evening of musical entertainment without becoming tedious.